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ACZM Advisorship Guidelines

Experiential Pathway ACZM Advisorship
Definition and Activities


Revised October, 2007    

The advisor is a Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine who is formally named for one or more candidates for the ACZM, and who supervises the candidate/s following the alternate pathway for credentialing in completion of the requirements for successful application and credentialing for the certification examination of the ACZM.


The advisor is expected to:


1. Record their position as advisor for a candidate by means of a letter to the Secretary AND to the Chair of the Credentials Committee.


2. Help the candidate create a formal study plan document, and submit a copy to the ACZM Secretary at the beginning of the program.


3. Direct the reading and study of the candidate.


4. Notify the ACZM Secretary of the candidate's completion of the program, and whether successful.


The advisor is not required to, but may also:


1. Inform the candidate of the basic examination structure and strategies for taking the examination.


2. Provide practice examinations created from materials not in the ACZM examination databases.


3. Conduct special review sessions with each candidate.


4. Encourage or assist each candidate to complete their publication requirement for credentialing.


5. Encourage each candidate to formally enroll in or audit appropriate course work relevant to non-domestic animal veterinary medicine.